Best Kids Gumboots in Australia

Best kids gumboots in Australia

French Soda’s kids gumboots are the best kids gumboots you can buy in Australia because they not only provide puddle jumping protection but also a colourful injection! 

As a mother of boys I know that children are naturally drawn to being outside regardless of the elements and as a teacher I’m a huge advocate of outdoor exploration and play. So, it’s our mission to provide you (and your little ones) with products that allow you to enjoy more time making memories as a family and less time worrying about wet socks. 

French Soda gumboots are made with the best natural rubber, and we ensure all our designs are practical, comfortable and value for money. They have been tried and tested by our own little ones and children all over Australia since 2013. 

Outdoor exploration and play are extremely important to the health and wellbeing of little minds and bodies so it’s imperative that they have footwear that allows them to roam and explore outside, no matter the weather. 

But don’t take our word for it, here’s what a few of our customers are saying about the best kids’ gumboots in Australia.



Still not convinced? Here are 10 reasons why our gumboots are the best kids’ gumboots in Australia: 

  1. Kids gumboots are a wardrobe staple - every kid needs a pair at the back door.
  2. Girl gumboots with matching raincoats.
  3. French Soda is famous for their bright and fun kids' gumboot colours.
  4. Kids gumboots made from 100% natural rubber.
  5. Kids gumboots are made for puddle jumping.
  6. Boy gumboots because puddle jumping should be an Olympic sport.
  7. Kids gumboots – it’s all in the lining.
  8. Kids gumboots – but can they pull them on.
  9. Kids gumboots – park or party.
  10. We’ve made it easy to get the size right when it comes to kids gumboots.


Kids gumboots are a wardrobe staple - every kid needs a pair at the back door.

Kids gumboots is a wardrobe staple

We all have wardrobe pieces that we can rely on, and our gumboots are designed to become your child’s favourites. The fun solid colours mean they won’t date, and your child won’t outgrow them as their favourite cartoon character changes. 

Because of their practical and versatile design, these kids gumboots will be the most worn shoes from their shoe collection. They will be ready whenever adventures arise - mornings at bush kinder, playdates on a rainy day, making mud pies in the backyard.

So, whether you’ve got a budding rockstar, princess, farmer, artist or superhero they need a pair of our gumboots to complete their wardrobe.



Girl Gumboots with matching raincoats

Pink, yellow or green? Which do you think your mini fashionista would love most? All of our designs are unisex, so you really can’t make the wrong selection when shopping for girls’ gumboots.

Styled with her favourite tights or a colourful tutu, there will be no stopping her as she spin, splash and squish the afternoon away. And if the outlook is wet, then we have you covered from head to toe with our matching raincoats for girls. 

Girl gumboots with matching raincoats

*Alpaca not included.



Kids gumboots in bright and fun colours

Kids gumboots in bright fun colours.

Overall children love bright colourful things, so their gumboots should be no exception. 

At French Soda we understand that colour can impact mood, productivity and behaviour. Think about the feelings you feel when you pull on your favourite-coloured jumper or don on a bold blazer for a meeting. When we design our ranges, we aim to include a variety of vibrant colours to appeal to your little ones because we know colour tantrums are a real thing. 

Parents are busy, and outings with children can be full-on. So, our colour choices are also influenced by practicality. They must be easy to spot when crossing the road or visiting busy locations such as the zoo. But it’s also important that children can wear their gumboots with a variety of outfits, giving you maximum value for money. 

Red and navy is one of our all-time favourite gumboot and raincoat colour combinations here at French Soda HQ, but red can also be styled with pink or orange. Our research tells us that 40% of our customers prefer to be matching, in which case, red gumboots can most certainly be teamed with a matching red raincoat.



Kids Gumboots made from 100% natural rubber

Natural rubber has many properties which make it an ideal material for children’s gumboots, including: 

  • It’s derived from nature so is less damaging to produce than PVC (plastic) alternatives and it is biodegradable.
  • It’s soft and flexible.
  • It insulates and provides thermal protection (warm feet = less whinging!). 
  • It’s easy to clean.
  • It’s durable.
  • It’s slip resistant so provides peace of mind when children are exploring around uneven surfaces.
  • It’s lightweight, which is important for toddlers who are still learning to walk and older children who insist on running everywhere. 

French Soda gumboots are made from 100% natural rubber, meaning not only are they made for trees, but they also make tree climbing easier. Kids gumboots made from natural rubber is more flexible than gumboots made from plastic or synthetic rubber. Happy planet. Happy kids.




Kids Gumboots are made for puddle jumping

Our kids’ gumboots are waterproof and have a slip resistant sole so there’s no need to stop your child embracing puddle play. After all, outdoor play promotes happy, healthy children. 

Jumping in puddles is free and fun. Whilst children usually don’t need encouragement when it comes to playing in the rain, we suggest puddle jumping hopscotch or nature boat races. 

But we guarantee your child will want to wear their gumboots on other days too. They will be the secret advantage when hunting for easter eggs in the wet grass and the go-to on fishing trips along the muddy riverbank.

Kids Gumboots are made for puddle jumping



Boy gumboots because puddle jumping should be an Olympic sport

Do you have energetic little ones who are always looking for a new adventure? Perhaps they can find a muddy puddle even on the brightest of days. As you can see, channelling this energy into constructive activities is easy if you are dressed for the mess:

“We created a truck wash in the backyard and of course then had our very own muddy puddle to jump in. Our French Soda gumboots aren't saved for rainy days, they are for adventures every day and help keep me sane as we just hose them clean. Highly recommended to mums everywhere.” Amy - Mum and French Soda Customer. 

Some favourite selections when it comes to boys gumboots include navy, green and yellow, but again, there is no right choice and all of our unisex styles are perfect to climb, jump or pedal with confidence.

He approaches.....

Boys gumboots perfect for muddy puddles

He scores!!!! 

Boys gumboots French Soda



Kids Gumboots – it’s all in the lining

The fleece lining, that is. Because we all deserve worry-free outdoor play that looks and feels good. 

Our kids’ gumboots are not only designed to keep the cold and wet out, but also keep the warmth in. Warm feet mean happy kids and we all know if the kids are happy, everyone is winning. 

With their cosy lining, you may have more trouble trying to get your kids to actually take their gumboots off. They’ll want to wear them all day!

Kids gumboots soft lining

Girls gumboots with soft lining



Kids gumboots – but can they pull them on?

Do you have a fiercely independent toddler, a child who strives to keep up with their older siblings or one who just can't wait to get out and play? We all know that fuss free dressing is the key to a quick exit out the door. 

It’s such a milestone when children begin to dress themselves and our gumboots are designed to slide right on, fostering that independence. 

When there are puddles to jump in, you don’t have time to waste with fiddly shoes. 



Kids gumboots – park or party

French Soda will take you from playground to playdates in style and colour. Our kids’ gumboots are so versatile and practical that they can really be worn anywhere. 

Movie days are great for teens, but parents with younger children know they need to factor in active play time.  And our gumboots are perfect for a trip to the playground or a walk around the block between rain showers. This time outside is not only important for physical health but can spark a child’s imagination and interest in nature. 

Heading to an outdoor party when the weather is poor? Our range of fun colours are just what you need to complete a party outfit and protect little feet from the mud.

There’s nothing like visiting the local cafe for a hot chocolate on an unpredictable winter’s morning. And with French Soda gumboots, you won’t need to worry about the temptation to step in puddles along the way. We can guarantee everyone will be asking where you purchased them from.  



We’ve made it easy to get the size right when it comes to kids’ gumboots

French Soda kids’ gumboots are available in standard EU sizes 20-36. So, we’ve got gumboots to suit early walkers through to children aged approx. 8-10 yrs. old. 

As a guide we suggest 1cm of ‘wiggle and growth’ room between the end of the child’s foot and the end of the innersole. 

You can find our innersole dimensions here.


Buy Kids Gumboots with Afterpay

Need your gumboots tomorrow? Why not use Afterpay now and your little one can start wearing them before you even finalise the payment. 

Afterpay allows you to spread the cost over four easy fortnightly payments and best of all, Afterpay provides a fast and easy checkout process.

 Don't have Afterpay yet? Learn more about it here.


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