3 Key Benefits of Outdoor Play

Healthier Children

  • Children burn more calories outside.
  • Being outside allows children to make big movements. This helps them work their large muscle groups, improve their balance and increase overall strength.
  • Outdoor fun also allows children to soak up loads of important vitamin D, which leads to a healthy immune system.
  • Children are more curious and stay on task longer when playing outside which keeps the mind actively engaged for longer. Not to mention sunlight makes us generally feel happy. Winning!

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 Social & Emotional Development

  • Nature provides a natural stress-free environment where children can communicate and negotiate their position.
  • When playing outside your child is learning to co-exist in the world. They are finding their place as an individual amongst others.
  • Outdoor sand pits and play equipment allow for children to play alongside and observe others.
  • Games like catch, soccer or tips teach turn taking and sharing.
  • Imaginations are stimulated when the grass suddenly becomes the ocean and children have to decide if they are a pirate, mermaid or hungry shark.

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Benefits of outdoor play


Sensory Development

Playing outside stimulates a variety of senses;

  • Sight

Children will use short vision when studying bugs up close and long vision when running to the fence and back.

  • Smell

Think about all the smell’s nature provides, freshly mowed grass, fragrant flowers and of course dog, chook, pigeon or cow poop.

  • Hearing

Little ears are used to identify the wind whistling through the leaves or perhaps the thunder from an approaching storm.

  • Touch

What child doesn’t love the warmth of the sun on their skin or the coolness of a sprinkler tickling their limbs?

  • Taste

Finally, is there anything better than the tingle of your taste buds when you bite into a home-grown strawberry straight from the garden or catch raindrops in your mouth?

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