Kids Gumboots

Bestselling Kids Gumboots

Your child will take on that puddle, so they’re better off doing it with appropriate footwear.

French Soda gumboots are the fearless footwear option, perfect for kids who dream of making a splash in the great outdoors. They’re easy to pull on, flexible, durable and as colourful as nature itself, so your child will be equipped to go everywhere and explore anything, whatever the weather.

Kids Gumboots made from 100% Natural Rubber

Generally speaking, gumboots take a beating! Kids will put them through their paces for no other reason than it’s fun to go where regular shoes can’t take them. So, your best option is to find kids gumboots that are made of natural rubber.

Our kids’ gumboots are made from responsibly sourced 100% natural rubber, are easy to clean and will last a whole lot longer are more sustainable than the alternative plastic gumboot option. When you choose rubber gumboots, you’re giving your child a much more flexible, comfortable boot that will stand up to all that inevitable running, jumping and climbing.

The best kids gumboots for puddle jumping

Every kid needs to experience puddle-jumping at least once in their childhood! It’s a rite of passage, so make sure they have the best boots in the business! French Soda gumboots have been specifically designed to turn kids into expert puddle-jumpers. Our longer style gumboots mean less chance of puddle water getting into the boot and causing soggy socks.

You’ll also find that our anti-slip soles help to keep kids on their feet. They will jump with confidence, without fear of slipping over. And, being made of 100% natural rubber that’s super easy to clean, these gumboots will come up good as new after every puddle jumping venture.

Wear your gumboots to the playground. The beach or the ski slopes.

If you’re a family that likes to adventure outdoors season to season, our kids gumboots make a great all-round choice of footwear for your little crew. Whether you’re heading to the beach, the playground or the ski slopes, grabbing the gumboots is a must.

With anti-slip soles and soft, bendable rubber that won’t impede movement, our gumboots will take your kids from slippery dip to sand dune to snowman building with ease. You’ll love the bright, easy-to-spot colours and kids will appreciate the soft and warm fleece lining.