Hosting a kids party during winter

Do you have a ‘winter baby’? I do, and each year in the lead up to his birthday I overthink the cold days and wet weather back-up plans but reality is it’s still possible to celebrate outdoors with minimal fuss.

Things to consider when hosting a kids birthday party during winter


If you are hosting a small group of friends, try to split the time between inside and outside. A short, structured activity helps keep the everyone busy and prevent the mess from spreading to every room in the house.

Consider indoor activities such as decorating cupcakes, a Lego building challenge or decorating plain white t-shirts or pillowcases with fabric markers.  

Dress code

Inform guests that you plan on playing outside and make a note on invites to remind them to wear their beanies and fleecy gumboots. 


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Warm snacks

Keep your guests warm with hot milo, sausage rolls, toasties or little meatballs.  

And if you’ve got some extra adult supervision, why not collect firewood and sticks to toast marshmallows.  

Games that keep everyone moving

Activities that require minimal planning and encourage lots of movement include Red Rover, dance-off competition, scavenger hunt and hop scotch.   Girls Pink and Purple Raincoats


It’s not a party without a selfie!

Challenge children to find the most interesting thing to decorate a large cardboard photo frame. Simply poke flowers or leaves through the card or use a hot glue gun to attach heavier finds such as pinecones, seed pods or twigs. 

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May 26, 2021

Omg I wish I’d read this before Liv’s birthday last week. Will add cup cake decorating and Lego challenge next year. Love the idea of the scavenger hunt to find interesting pieces to add to the selfie frame. You are one talented Mama 👏🏻

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