Backyard Olympics Inspired Activities

The Olympic Games might be the world's leading sports event, but they also provide many opportunities to discuss and celebrate teamwork, fair play and persistence with your children.

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Here are a few activities to encourage outdoor play and embrace the Olympic spirit.  

Balance beam

If available, you could use a plank of wood to create a beam but it’s also possible to keep everyone entertained by walking forwards, backwards, and sideways. If you don’t have a beam or your children are younger – use a rope, or make a line with chalk. You can also increase the challenge by including zigzags.


If you have enough people, backyard or park soccer is always fun but drills help kids practice their goal kicking and ball control and also burn lots of energy.


Decorate an empty paper towel roll to use as a baton and get running.    

Rhythmic gymnastics

Gather up your hoops, ribbons or balls and turn on some music to encourage the kids to develop their own rhythmic gymnastics routine.


With skateboarding making an Olympic debut at Tokyo, skateboards are the new hot item. My 6 year old requested one for his birthday and fortunately we’ve only had a few small grazes.


Mark a circle with some rope or chalk and fill some water balloons – it’s time to practice that throwing technique.  

BMX or Mountain Bike

Visit the local skate park or grab your bikes and head out to find the ideal mountain bike track.

Olympics Themed Backyard Ideas

Be sure to wear your green and gold to participate!


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