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French Soda is for outdoor play sessions that kids remember - because the fun doesn't stop when the weather changes.

Just like those you would have told your little one about.

Where the mud splattered. The puddles couldn’t be deep enough. And time flew by.

French Soda Clothing Australia

Here at French Soda we give you outdoor essentials to help your family make special memories.

Unstructured, screen-free and fun. Just like yours.

Because that’s what childhood is all about!


Find us in boutique stockists across Australia and NZ or right here.

About French Soda Brand

Hi, I’m Ashlee.

I’m a podcast-obsessed, chocolate-loving mum of boys who are ‘born explorers’ and basically live outdoors. Thankfully they grow up in the Central West of NSW, an environment with unlimited nature adventures (and flies) for them to chase.

In 2018, I was working as a teacher and understood how important outdoor play was for kids to learn and grow. But I’ve always loved colourful shoes, so when the opportunity to combine both interests came up, I knew I had to jump at it.

With the seemingly inescapable temptation of screen time, it’s never been more important to make outdoor play as appealing as possible.


And French Soda does just that:

It nurtures happy kids with outdoor wear that’s cozy, dry AND stylish.


I am thankful for the incredible loyalty and support of our many customers who share my passion for quality and timeless designs.


Want your children to do outdoor play the French Soda way?


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