All About French Soda Gumboots...

  • French Soda gumboots are largely crafted by hand.
  • Why gumboots? The name started with the Egyptian word kemai, then kommi in Greek, gummi in Latin, and gum in English. So gumboots it is.


  • The sole and upper of our gumboots are 100% waterproof natural rubber.
  • Natural rubber offers many benefits over synthetic plastic designs (e.g. PVC and EVA) such as; thermal protection, comfort, flexibility, increased grip & durability.
  • Yellow is our most popular boot colour. It's perfect for both boys and girls. 
  • Gumboot throwing is a legitimate sport (there are rules on Google 😊).
  • Our boots have a soft fleece lining.

Silver girls gumboots. Powder blue boys gumboots

  • It is best to sit down and pull boots off with hands (not push boots off using the alternate foot as this will lead to cracking).
  • We recommend you refer to our size chart as poor fitting boots can crack or split with excessive movement. As a guide we suggest allowing 2cm difference between the outer sole and your child's foot. The outer sole dimensions are listed on the size guide.


  • You should use water and mild detergent to clean your boots.
  • Our designs are perfect for all occasions. You can pair them with a denim skirt and tights for a party or wear them with your favourite fishing shirt on the weekend.

Pink gumboots French Soda

  • We hope that your children will love their gumboots so much that they wear them out. French Soda boots are designed for active, outdoor kids so they will get marks or scratches but these will be reminders of fun and adventure.
  • Natural rubber can develop a chalky white powder or ‘bloom’. This is a characteristic of natural rubber and occurs when certain particles rise to the surface. It will not impact the durability of the boots and can be removed by using a rubber conditioner. We recommend ‘Woly Gumboot Care’ spray.
  • Rubber will deteriorate or split if exposed to extreme temperature changes, prolonged sunlight or artificial heat (e.g. heating fan).


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