The Ultimate Kids Raincoats

The best kids raincoats French Soda

Whether it is a downpour or a light shower, French Soda raincoats for kids offer ultimate protection year-round. 

With a soft-to-touch waterproof outer, pin-striped cotton lining for warmth and a hood for ultimate protection, our raincoats will shield your little ones from the wind and rain whilst ensuring they look the part.

Rainy days present new and exciting opportunities for kids. From the sound and smell of rain to the feeling of raindrops or the thrill of jumping in a puddle, they are also a wonderful way for children to learn about nature and explore scientific concepts. 

We know children need to keep active and explore outside and with the best gear there will be no need to stay inside on the next overcast day. Do you want to know more about our kids raincoats? Click on the headings below to read the sections you are most interested in. 

The driest kids’ raincoats in Australia

Comfortable kids’ raincoats

What should I look for in a kid’s rain jacket?

Machine washable kids’ raincoats

Affordability - great value kid’s raincoats (cost per wear)

Kids raincoats that can be worn all year round

We put the “W” in Kids rainwear

Unique raincoat design for girls

Boy raincoats, girl raincoats

Kids raincoats available in the colours of the rainbow

Keep those little treasures safe and dry

The complete kids rainwear outfit


The driest kids raincoats in Australia

Our kids raincoat designs encourage children to tackle their biggest adventures with confidence. Whilst there are many waterproof materials available, we’ve carefully selected a coated polyurethane outer and a jersey cotton lining for French Soda raincoats.

Benefits of this waterproof polyurethane shell include:

  • Free of PVC and other harmful toxins
  • Stylish matte finish - one of our most commented on features in customer reviews
  • A slight cross grain stretch so it is flexible and keeps children comfortable
  • Whilst it is a durable material, it is biodegradable.

Waterproof Kids raincoats

The driest raincoats for kids



Comfort is key

While the polyurethane layer of our kids raincoats keeps the water out and allows your little one to move freely, the striped linking makes the perfect partner for a number of reasons:

  • It is a gentle, breathable fabric on the skin
  • The fun pin-striped contrast print has become a French Soda signature
  • It provides an added barrier to the wind.

No-one likes sweaty, grumpy kids and with a French Soda raincoat you can keep them comfortable, dry and happy.

From bike rides to puddle jumping, French Soda raincoats for kids are designed with comfort in mind and won't get in the way of a good adventure.



What should I look for in kids' rain jackets?

There are many things to look for when purchasing clothing for your children, and the list of must-haves will really depend on your needs.

For active children, a rain jacket is often more practical than an umbrella as umbrellas tend to get lost or lead to arguments about who poked who. Rain jackets also provide extra freedom for kids to use their hands when climbing, collecting and chasing each other.

But there are other factors you may wish to consider before you purchase. For example, where you live or the places you will take your rain jacket most often. A heavy duty jacket will be required for trips to the snow or very cool climates whereas a lightweight rain jacket that can be thrown in a school bag or folded up and placed in the pram can be used for year-round walks from the bus stop or when away on holidays.

French Soda rain jackets are not heavy duty and sit between these two options as they are not bulky and can be folded but they do have two layers and are roomy enough to wear over a jumper. 

Another thing to consider is the cut or design of the rain jacket. Our unisex designs have a zip opening and pockets, whereas the girls design has a button opening, no pockets and a feminine pleat detail. Both designs have a generous hood for added warmth and convenience. As the hood is lined with cotton, it does need to be worn when out in the rain as exposed lining will absorb water.

Reading reviews from previous customers can also help inform your decisions. Our customers often leave comments about our colour range, outer fabric and durability. You can read more French Soda reviews here.


Machine Washable Kids Raincoats

Do we need to say more? 

It’s important that our raincoats shield your child from the rain, but it’s also important that they make your life easier.

The fastest and easiest way to clean your raincoat is to wipe the outer layer over with a damp cloth. But if those puddles were just too tempting or you’ve been on a few outings and the whole coat needs a refresh, then it can be popped in for a gentle machine wash on cool. You should not use heavy spin cycles and should try not to wash your raincoat too often as repeated washing (especially with certain detergents) can weaken the ability to repel water.

For a faster drying time, we suggest drying inside out.  

Kids raincoats that are machine washable

Boys raincoats that are machine washable

*Machine washable raincoats for kids - because sometimes those muddy puddles are just too good to resist. 

Great value for money

We speak with many parents and the one thing they all feel strongly about is “quality!”

We have been refining our raincoats for a number of years, so we can guarantee the timeless design and solid colours don’t date. This makes them easy to style with other outfits, versatile throughout the seasons and perfect to hand down (which is also better for the planet because they won’t end up in landfill after a few wears).

Even though the initial investment may seem bigger, your little one will be wearing their French Soda raincoat to more puddle jumping adventures, bush walks, winter beach days and rainy-day parties than a raincoat they will find in any department stores. Our rain jackets are designed to last. So, a bigger upfront cost divided by more wears, equals a lower cost per wear.

*For more raincoat maths, why not count the muddy puddles on your next outdoor adventure.

But if you still need convincing that our kids raincoats are superior quality and value for money, here are a few comments from previous customers:



Kids raincoats that can be worn all year round

French Soda was born in Melbourne, a city known for having ‘four seasons in one day’ so we know that the weather is just unpredictable during Winter.  You never know when you might get caught out in the rain. This is why our raincoats for kids are lightweight and can fit in a school bag or under the pram when out for a walk.

From bush to beach or Autumn to Spring, nothing will stop your fun with this play-session extender.  It really is versatile enough to protect from the ocean spray, put over bathers to keep warmth in or wear over a soccer uniform on wet mornings. 


We put the “W” in Kids rainwear

There are plenty of “W’s” when it comes to kids rainwear, waterproof, wearability, waterplay, wellies but one of the most important ones that is often overlooked; kids rainwear should also be “windproof”.

You’ve heard the saying when it rains it Australia the downpour is often accompanied by gusty winds. Not only are our raincoats waterproof but they are windproof. The thick outer fabric prevents the wind from passing through while the breathable cotton lining is soft on the skin.    

There is nothing worse than having to stay inside when all you want to do is explore outdoors. With their raincoat on, your children can continue to jump on the trampoline or explore the rockpools even though the wind is blowing.

Don’t be left wishing you’d invested in that rainwear, order now and it will be ready for your next day trip or big adventure.

*Because the wind is great for kite flying and hand gliders, but not so much for keeping warm.

Unique raincoat design for girls

Got a little girl on your hands who loves outdoor play, but is particular about what she wears?

Our French Soda pink girls raincoat is a true-fitting, buttoned-down classic that your princess will instantly fall in love with.

With pleat detail and a quick-and-easy button opening for busy days, it’ll make her queen of the playground in no time.

And if you’re looking for gift ideas, our girls rainwear is a favourite choice for birthdays and Easter.


Boy raincoats, girl raincoats

Did you know all of our French Soda zip raincoatsare unisex? Apart from the obvious advantage of being able to be used as a hand-me-down, there are other benefits to this functional design. Including:  

  • They are not covered in characters or slogans, so they don't date
  • They allow a child’s personality to shine
  • They have an easy zip enclosure which makes getting dressed a breeze
  • They encourage sharing as siblings can swap for new looks
  • They are kinder to the planet as they encourage re-wearing


Kids raincoats available in the colours of the rainbow

Have you been searching for colourful ‘outdoor couture’ made for children with a sense of style and fun? Our kids raincoats are available in a rage of appealing colours so your little one can be bold, be fun and be ready for adventure. 

The simple, timeless design of our jackets means that they can be styled with jeans, skirts, tights or casual track pants. And when this is combined with a pop of colour, it’ll be easy to spot your little one as they speed down the slide or climb up the tree.

They only have one childhood, so make it as bright as they are.


Colourful raincoats for kids




Keep those little treasures safe and dry

It is very important as a parent to keep our little ones dry and warm. However, for little ones it is as important to keep their special treasures dry and safe. 

Stones, seashells, even bugs - kids seem to collect wherever they go. That’s why our unisex raincoats have nice deep pockets. I’ve certainly found some interesting things in ours, but cleaning is a breeze with a quick wipe. So, let them collect; you won’t have to carry anything.

Kids raincoats with pockets

Kids raincoats with waterproof pockets

The complete kids rainwear outfit

Looking for practical shoes to team with your new raincoat? No-one likes wet socks and with our matching gumboots, you can order the perfect kids rainwear outfit to keep the wet out and the fun in.

Nothing says, “Let’s go!” like a complete outfit, and just like our kids raincoats, our natural rubber gumboots are also available in a range of great solid colours. This gives you the flexibility to mix or match.

So, whether your little one is head-to-toe in our best selling yellow raincoat and yellow gumboots or channelling Paddington Bear with red wellies and navy raincoat, we’re sure that their French Soda rainwear will become a high rotation outfit.

Kids Raincoats Size Guide

Available from Size 1 all the way up to Size 10, we’ve got you covered as your born explorer grows into a little adventurer. You can find the dimensions of our kids raincoats here.

The sizing of our raincoats is generous when compared to other children’s clothing styles. So, if you decide to size up for two seasons wear, the sleeves can easily be rolled up and the longer length will keep little backs and bottoms warm. The roomy design also allows room for a jumper underneath on really cold days.

Tip: We find it useful to compare the sleeve length to a garment you have at home.

French Soda 2021 Raincoats for Kids



Buy Kids Raincoats with Afterpay

Why not splash now & pay later?

Use Afterpay to purchase a kids raincoat online and you can pay the item off over time.  If you don’t have an Afterpay account yet, you can read more about it here. 

You can also order quickly and securely online using VISA, Mastercard, AMEX, PayPal and ZipPay.  

Did you know PayPal offers free return shipping on eligible PayPal Purchases? Yep, that is correct. All you need to do is activate “Refunded Returns” in your PayPal account, buy your next Raincoat or pair of gumboots and complete your purchase using PayPal.

Then if you need to return your kids gumboots or kids raincoats for any reason, even if that reason is a change of mind, you send a copy of your shipping invoice to PayPal and they will refund the full amount into your PayPal account. It is that easy! 

You can read more about PayPal’s Refunded Returns policy here.


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