Toddler Gumboots

Got a toddler keen for the outdoors? Our super-soft, non-slip gumboots will help them navigate new terrain. Fleece-lined for ultimate warmth, and super flexible, French Soda gumboots will keep them upright whether they are still working out the wobbles or have mastered the sprint.

Toddler-friendly easy-to-pull-on gumboots

If your toddler is at the stage of wanting to do everything themselves, French Soda gumboots are the perfect choice. Unlike other options, our toddler gumboots are easy to pull on and off, helping independent little personalities accomplish big important jobs like dressing themselves.

Of course, parents love just how easy our gumboots are to keep clean—those bright, fun colours will stay vivid and vibrant for the life of the boots. Made from 100% natural rubber, our rain boots are more flexible than other options, meaning your little one will be comfortable whether they tiptoe, run or jump.

Gumboots for toddlers made from natural rubber

When you’re a toddler and still mastering the art of walking, hopefully mum and dad choose footwear that won’t impede your progress! That’s why natural rubber gumboots are such a great choice for little people who are still finding their feet. The natural rubber makes our gumboots soft and flexible, allowing feet to move easily through all movement necessary for walking, running and climbing. And, you won’t have to fear blisters.

Our gumboots won’t rub or pinch like alternative options made from unforgiving, unbending plastics, making them the best go-to for parents who want to promote healthy, unimpeded movement in their little ones. And, once they’ve outgrown them, they make excellent hand-me-downs for younger siblings. Consider it great value, and a good way to minimise waste.

The best toddler gumboots in Australia

Support your toddler as they develop sound walking skills with French Soda gumboots’ anti-slip soles. Take the worry out of balancing, running and jumping, knowing that even on wet ground, French Soda gumboots will help your little one stay upright! Our gumboots also keep little toes toasty and warm with a cosy, soft fleece lining.

Plus, they’re easy for toddlers to pull on themselves. Want to avoid the tantrums that come from out-growing cartoon characters and quirky prints? Our bright, gimmick-free designs are solely based on a rainbow of beautiful colours. Choose your favourite, and go!