Make Your Own Nature Crown

Are you looking for an easy school holiday activity, a fun party hat, a wet ‘crafternoon’ idea, or an alternative to the traditional Easter hat?

Then pop on your gumboots, we’re heading out into the garden.

This is a fabulous opportunity for kids to explore the different colours, shapes, sizes and textures that nature provides.

Let’s make some nature crowns!

Kids Nature Crown Make at Home

You will need:

  • A strip of cardboard or sturdy paper (roughly 30cm x 4cm)
  • A pair of scissors
  • Two pieces of ribbon or string (roughly 40cm each)
  • A handful of garden goodies like flowers, twigs, leaves, bark or feathers.

Kids Nature Crowns

Make your own nature hat

How to Make Your Nature Crown:

1. Use your scissors to make pairs of little 1cm snips running the length of the paper (horizontal snips in line with the length of the paper). Make each set of snips roughly 1cm apart. Leave a few centimetres at each end as you will need to make a snip to secure the ribbon. These little pairs of snips will be where you thread your stems.

Kids flower crown party

2. Use your scissors to make a 1cm snip at each end of your paper and thread your ribbon or string through these snips then tie in a knot to secure. Your crown is now ready for decorating.   Note: Grown-ups might need to help with some of the snipping! Please be careful of scissors. 

Kids Nature Crown Ideas

3. Grab all of your nature trimmings and start threading them carefully into the top of one snip then out the bottom little matching snip. The paper should then hold the stem securely. Keep adding more until you are happy with how your nature crown looks.

Make your own flower crown

Flower Crown for Girls

Make a flower crown for kids

Step by Step Flower Crown Girls

Kids Nature Crown with leaves

 4. You’re done! Tie it on your head, show your friends and head outside for an adventure .

Kids Flower Crown Leaves

Kids Nature Crown Ideas

Kids Flower Crown DIY


Thank you to Nina from nina.c.sees. for documenting this process for us.

Follow Nina on Instagram or her website.

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