5 Reasons You Should Take Your Kids On A Picnic

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Build Fun Traditions

Whether you pack your car and drive to the beach or river or just walk to the local playground, picnics and their associated routines provide time for games and friendly rivalry. No one likes unpacking when they get home, but the other memories made will outweigh the sand or mud left in the car.

Tech Free Time

I love learning about and using new technology (I actually trained as a computer studies teacher) but we all know the benefits of fresh air to physical and mental health.

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Embrace Outdoor Learning Opportunities

In a previous blog Alex Trichilo, outlined how time outdoors is important for speech development but it also provides many other informal learning opportunities. Picnics can prompt conversations about life cycles, colours and directions or if you pack a ball, time to work on coordination and turn taking.  

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Cheap Entertainment

Some of us feel a little restricted at the moment but don’t let this stop you packing a picnic and heading to the backyard or balcony – it really will break up that sometimes dull isolation routine.

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An Excuse To Bake Lo’s Smartie Cookies

How delicious do these cookies look! Everyone loves a treat at a picnic but you will also find a wide range of other family friendly recipes on Lo’s blog.   

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Smartie cookies recipe kids

So grab your gumboots, raincoats and cookies and enjoy!

You can find more of Lo's recipes at: https://loskitchen.com.au/

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