Improve Your Phone Photography & Capture Those Precious Childhood Moments

Simple tips to improve your phone photography skills and capture those precious childhood moments

By: Nina of @nina.c.sees – Stylist and Photographer

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   1. Embrace natural light and turn off that flash!EvaTissy   2. Don’t use the camera’s zoom function as it will generally reduce the quality of your images… get physically closer to the subject.Pink vest reversible children   3. Try and think outside the box with your angles… get down low at the same level as your kids, lie down on the ground, get up high, stand to the side…just experiment with angles and your photos will reward you.purple raincoat children Australia French Soda  gumboots children french soda  yellow raincoat boys girls    4. Light is one of the most important factors in getting a wonderful photo. Try not to take photos in harsh overhead sunlight. Either wait until late afternoon or early morning (the best times are a couple of hours before sundown or after sunrise) or find a shady spot next to a wall or under a tree. If you need to shoot in harsh sunlight make sure that the light (sun) isn’t behind the subjects and is behind you instead…but there’s nothing worse than a bunch of squinting kids so try and move around slightly so no one has to stare into the blinding sun!

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  5. Be aware of what is in the background and adjust where you are standing to try and block out any distractions or anything unappealing. Nothing worse than a stranger or rubbish bin ruining an otherwise perfect photo.

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   6. Take lots of photos. It might take ten photos to get the perfect one! Just remember to delete the rejects so you don’t fill your memory too quickly.

Capture precious childhood moments
Improve Your Phone Photography & Capture Those Precious Childhood Moments
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    7. Instead of asking your kids to ‘smile’ or ‘say cheese’ tell them a ridiculous story or whip out a trusty ‘poo’ joke to get candid happy and laughing faces. They are always ten times better than a false smile.

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   8. Obviously there will be times when you want to capture a memory in the moment and have little control over the subject’s position or the time of day but just remember that sometimes just by simply moving yourself (the photographer) you can completely change the outcome of your photograph!

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   9. Get practising! Just like any skill practise makes perfect but given most people have a camera in their pocket these days there is really no excuse not to get snapping. Vest French Soda Kids Fashion

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