Tips to keep your family entertained on a cold, wet afternoon

There is no doubting we love a wet weekend at French Soda, but, we know that sometimes it is just not possible to have the whole family outside for extended periods of time.

Keep reading for tips to keep your family entertained on a cold, wet afternoon.


Write a letter 

  • Writing letters is not only fun but promotes handwriting and literacy skills. Teaching a child how to write a letter will also have added benefits with their learning as they get older.
  • It is a wonderful way to connect with family and friends especially during these times of isolation. Writing a letter to a grandparent, cousin, friend, aunt/uncle, penfriend allows your child to share their news, express their feelings and build deeper relationships with those they write to.
  • Receiving a letter in the post is a great way for your child to experience the excitement of snail mail and helps encourage them to send mail, making them aware of the joy their letters will bring to others.
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  • The best bit as a parent is that it requires minimal equipment and set up. All you need is a pencil/s, paper and envelope to start. Let them be creative and decorate their work. A fun and colourful alternative are these cute Kids Postcards from Pink Paddock Store.


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Learn about the rain and build a rain gauge

  • Talking about the rain and measuring it helps encourage an interest in maths, science and geography.
  • Again, you will only need basic materials and you can find a range of easy to follow designs online.
  • You may have to brave the rain to find the perfect place to install it!


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Bring the outdoors in with a DIY terrarium

  • Terrariums are easy to make with few materials required (or you could purchase a kit).
  • Make your terrarium fun and changeable by decorating with toys like Lego, dinosaurs or fairies.
  • Brave explorers could even make the most of a break in the weather to gather some interesting rocks, flowers or other treasures from the garden.

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