After-School Snack Plate Ideas

No-one likes a ‘hangry’ child after school or a grumpy toddler in the afternoon. So why not grab your gumboots, whip up a 'Sharing Plate’ and head outside for afternoon tea.  

Why kids love snack plates:

  • Snack plates provide choice and encourage children to eat, or at least try, a little of everything.
  • Snacking helps keep energy levels steady so children can focus on homework or enjoy some extra play time outside.  
  • Snack plates are easy to prepare and children can help with the cutting or arranging.   
  • It’s all in the sell – “Let’s make a sharing plate”, sounds more exciting than, “Eat an apple before you go outside”.

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What to include on a kids snack plate:

  • Cold cooked chicken or a meatball with yogurt dipping sauce. i.e. leftovers – don’t overthink this!
  • Any fresh fruits and veggies - think snow peas, carrot, banana, berries, cucumber, apple, capsicum, pineapple…
  • Cheese - cutting slices into an interesting shape can add to the appeal for toddlers, as can allowing older to children cut their own slice from a larger block
  • Grain crackers or pita bread
  • Hummus or smashed avocado
  • Hard boiled egg
  • Bliss or treat ball (see below for an easy, freezer friendly option) 
Kids Afternoon Snack Plate

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