Toddler Raincoats

Finally! A raincoat toddlers can put on themselves! Our soft, warm, waterproof raincoats come generously sized and feature easy-glide zips that little hands can manage all on their own. Available in an array of bright colours, ready for all their nature-based fun!

Why do toddlers love to wear French Soda raincoats

There’s something fun about a raincoat! At French Soda, we’ve made sure our fun, bright raincoats are easy for toddlers to put on and take off all by themselves. No more struggling with difficult zips or unyielding fabric; just easy-to-wear style.

With a flexible, waterproof outer shell and soft, warm fleece lining, your toddler’s underclothes will stay warm and dry, when they go puddle jumping or exploring through the rain.

To a toddler the size of the raincoat pockets matter

Oh, yes they do! And we’ve made sure French Soda raincoats have extra-deep front pockets, perfect for keeping treasures safe from the rain. For a toddler on a fun outdoor adventure, anything can become a treasure: a smooth river stone, a ginormous maple leaf, a bunch of gumnuts or a pretty colourful flower.

Exploring, touching and observing is a vital part of learning. Plus, ‘finders keepers’ is an age-old toddler rule! A French Soda raincoat, flush with deep pockets, is the perfect way for toddlers to keep new treasures safe and dry on all their travels.

Complete rainwear protection for toddlers

French Soda raincoats are the best way to keep toddlers warm and dry from their heads down. Offering a generous hood, and adequate length over the body, our raincoats keep water out and warmth in.

If you want to keep their toes dry and toasty warm too, match a raincoat with a pair of French Soda gumboots. We have fabulous colours across our raincoat and gumboot range, perfect for matching or mixing (whichever you prefer!).