Mud Kitchen Recipes

A little dirt, a splash of water, some leaves and a good mix with your hands - how great is a classic mud pie!

Kids Mud Kitchen Recipes

Mud kitchens provide endless opportunities to combine outdoor play, sensory development, role play & imaginative play. It’s amazing what children can create with just dirt, a few petals and some old pots.

But like all play areas, sometimes you need something to re-ignite interest in your mud kitchen and these fun recipes are sure to do just that. 


Mud Kitchen Recipes 

Fun to cook and guaranteed to impress any visiting lunch guests.

Mud Kitchen Play Recipe

Mud Kitchen Recipe Ideas

Mud Kitchen Play Ideas

Enhance your mud kitchen experience with this all-natural sensory Make Mud play range.  

Make Mud Natural Playdough Powder


   Make Mud Earth Fizz Play        Mud Kitchen Play Ideas


Make sure your little chef has the most suitable mud boots for their mud kitchen.


Natural Rubber Kids Gumboots Australia

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