An Autumn Veggie Guide for Kids

Henry returned from pre-school this week with a small bag of soil and instructed me to keep it on the kitchen windowsill. I was sceptical but now we have something (I think peas) growing.

So, a quick text to an agronomist friend for some planting tips and our weekend is sorted. If you’re looking for some inspiration here’s what she suggests:

  • Choose fast-growing veggies, or the kids will lose interest.
  • Microgreens will deliver a fast turnaround and they'll grow in a pot.
  • Broccolini is a regenerative plant so it will continue to produce secondary heads.
  • Beetroot is fun to harvest.
  • Kids can snack on snow peas straight from the garden.
  • Silverbeet always yields well.

Whilst we have dirty hands I think we will also pop some bulbs in for spring – you know we love colour at French Soda!

And, if you are looking for the perfect kids gardening boots then you should look at our new gumboot range.

Powder Blue Gumboot Garden


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